7 Design Trends Spotted At High Point Market Spring 2023


Peek at design trends from High Point Market, as we tap seven designers at the spring 2023 show to share what’s hot in home decor and furnishings. From new twists on timeless styles to a rise in organic shapes and colors, here are the High Point Market design trends you’ll be seeing in homes across the country.

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Design Trends From High Point Market Spring 2023


Asymmetrical Is In

Amorphous lighting is one of the design trends at High Point Market 2023

The Antonia lighting collection, a collab by designer Antonia Caicedo and Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting, marries Art Deco and midcentury modern. (Photo Courtesy: Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting)

Asymmetrical and amorphous lighting are hot this year. Many brands are experimenting and pushing the envelope when it comes to shapes and forms, and it shows with the variety of designs available.

“What I’m seeing is more of this asymmetry in terms of shapes of lighting, which is cool and interesting because it brings sculptural elements to a space. We’re also seeing more lighting that feels very amorphous—like almost locust nest-inspired or things that have more futuristic type qualities to it.”

–Joshua Smith, Joshua Smith Inc. | Dorset, Vermont

Performance Fabrics Are Prime For Indoor

black and white chaise lounge at High Point Market 2023

Black-and-white chaise lounge from Brown Jordan. (Photo: Sarah Shelton)

Performance fabrics, while long-lasting and durable for outdoor upholstery, are not usually known for their plush textures. But as they’ve evolved, they’ve become a top choice for sprucing up indoor furnishings used on the daily.

“We can expect to see a lot more performance fabrics used indoors. With the technology of performance fabrics, now they’re just as soft as ‘indoor fabrics,’ and there’s no reason not to use something that’s bleach cleanable in your breakfast room.”

–Max Humphrey, Max Humphrey | Portland, Oregon

An Embrace Of Color

dark room with velvet green armchairs, fireplace and mirror

Ashe Chat Set Archer Tambour Cabinet & Console by M, a Hooker Furnishings brand. (Courtesy: Hooker Furnishings)

Deep, rich, moody colors are in, from burgundy and crimson to playful greens and dark blues. These hues mesh surprisingly well with neutral living spaces and bring a hint of surprise and vigor to a room.

“The colors that are having a moment right now are burgundy and wine tones that are paired with pretty blush pinks. This explosion of cool colors is best used in the home everywhere. More is more. Less is a bore.”

–Isabel Ladd, Isabel Ladd Interiors | Lexington, Kentucky

A Warm Return To Nature

white room with puffed sofa, wooden nesting coffee tables and lion, part of High Point Market 2023

BRADLEY’s Spring 2023 collection features an overstuffed puffer, rounded velvet sofa, concrete nesting tables in organic shapes and several chairs including a belted, leather slingseat dining chair. (Photo Courtesy: BRADLEY)

It’s evident there’s been a rise of nature themes since 2020. As furnishings continue to take on more organic silhouettes, expect warm tones and textures to stick around a while.

“I think it’s a subset of us being in a home for the pandemic and getting back outside. So, we’re seeing a lot of nature, organic, natural shapes come into the home.”

–Ashley Ross, Muse Noire Interiors | Charlotte, North Carolina

Midcentury Modern Leads The Way

room with octagonal coffee table, white chair and rug and plant

Lawrence Cocktail Table from the Denise McGaha x Wildwood Collection. (Photo Courtesy: Wildwood)

Don’t discount the timelessness of midcentury modern. Arguably, the style has become even more relevant as designers come up with new ways of meshing midcentury modern furnishings with more contemporary or eclectic pieces.

“Midcentury modern always stands the test of time. The classics—the Knolls, the Eames. It’s fun to see, and I’m bringing those pieces into non-midcentury modern homes.”

–Raili Clasen, Raili CA Design | Newport Beach, California

Adopting Those Rounded Curves

curvy marbled coffee tables at High Point Market 2023

Cluny Coffee Table (Set Of Two) from EJ Victor Furniture. (Photo: Sarah Shelton)

When we asked designers what shapes are trending in furniture design, there was overwhelming agreement that curves are in. There’s no shortage of options for taking this popular trend to the next level.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of oval coffee tables. And when I say oval, it’s not egg shaped, but racetrack oval.”

–Robin Gannon, Robin Gannon Interiors | Lexington, Massachusetts

What’s Old Is New—Again 

plaid couch with throw pillows at High Point Market 2023

Brown plaid sofa by Highland House x Barrie Benson’s new collection. (Photo: Sarah Shelton)

Stripes and plaids circa the ’50s and ’60s are being refreshed for today. Not to mention, antique furnishings and lampshades (especially pleated ones) are also gaining popularity. Ultimately, it’s not about pulling inspiration from one decade; it’s about combining designs from different eras to make something totally new.

“Antiques are coming back. It’s sort of that ‘grandma chic’ [look]. But I think people are taking several different generations of styles and mixing them all together, so it’s a big amalgamation of a ton of different design styles.”

–Lance Thomas, Thomas Guy Interiors | Lake Charles, Louisiana