5 Trends From Maison&Objet 2023 That Inspire Joy At Home


Maison&Objet 2023 fall edition, which ran from September 7 – 11, 2023, embraced the theme of inspiration, emphasizing the importance of heightened pleasure and renewed positivity. On tap were vibrant colors, playful shapes and nostalgic textures perfect for infusing daily dwellings with delight. Here are five trends from Maison&Objet to watch for in homes this season as we collectively celebrate the power of joyful living.

Home Design Trends From Maison&Objet 2023


Mood-Boosting Colors That Add Personality

light green rug with red stripes and blue and peach circles at Maison&Objet 2023

Tapis Tufte Green Poetry rug from ColorTherapis. (Photo: ColorTherapis)

Saturated hues guide design toward more expressive and fun territories, allowing experimentation with mixing and matching styles and colors. Surpassing what we already know about these mood-improving colors, bold and vibrant hues boost endorphins to another level. From striking purples to neon oranges, flashy colors as a focal point, like a rug or statement mirror, will liven up your humble abode and infuse interest to a space.

Bouclé—Any Way You Can Get It

white puffy armchair with matching puffy ottoman from Maison&Objet 2023

Perle Puffy Sofa set from Chappal.co. (Photo: Chappal.co)

Seen (and felt) in abundance at Maison this year was bouclé—in sofas, stools, dining chairs and more. The timeless textile spans the color wheel in terms of options, but no hue is more popular than traditional oatmeal. Warm and neutral, the textural addition can mellow out a vibrant space at home.

Organic Forms With A Playful Twist

dark purple couch and curved orange chair

Fést showcases their curved furnishings, including the Bowie 4-seat Sofa in Hallingdal and the Alp Chair. (Photo: Khadejah Khan)

Have you ever been in a bad mood when lounging on a curvaceous perch? Chances are you haven’t. Mimicking a smile curving upward, contoured seating and round-edged furniture add softness to spaces and can even out harsh lines in a room. Use it to evoke a playful sense of joy and optimistic outlook—perfect for adding personality to your home.

Nesting Tables With Functional Purpose

black nesting table with white armchair in background

The Irwin Iola Ilion Glass Coffee Table pairs great with other tables in your living room. (Photo: Khadejah Khan).

Favorable over large coffee tables this season, nesting tables revamp living spaces with versatility and a touch of personalization. Mixing table heights, shapes, and sizes can lend an informal yet comfy vibe to a formal family room and extend surface area as needed.

Natural Elements That Ground Spaces

green room with curved white sofa and brown rectangular table from Maison&Objet 2023

Jonathan Adler’s Biarritz Fish Pillow, Biarritz Love Doves Pillow and Biarritz Sun Pillow all lounge on a curved white sofa surrounded by pieces from the new Riviera rattan collection in this lime green sitting room. (Photo: Jonathan Adler)

Never underestimate the power of natural materials and earthy tones. While exuberance reigns strong this season, mixing natural elements with vibrant designs can create a harmonic balance. “I find myself working a lot more with natural materials these days, like rattan,” says potter and designer Jonathan Adler. “Rattan evokes grand global glamour, and it makes everything I put it on—furniture, accessories, my husband, my dog—look even more attractive.”