The Sleek Recliner Worthy Of A Prime Spot In Your Living Room


design within reach black chair

Icelandic-born, New York-based designer Hlynur Atlason has teamed up with Design Within Reach on two new seating solutions: the sleek, low-profile Rísa Recliner (above) and the sculptural, oval-shaped Lína Sofa (below). Atlason shared with Luxe the inspiration behind his designs.

What was your approach for the Rísa? The recliner archetype is quite dated, bulky and lacking in refinement, so I started by stripping away some of the unnecessary visual clutter while rethinking the overall construction. The silhouette is inspired by the floating upholstery that makes up the legs and armrests. I find the chair most interesting in full recline and seen from the side view where it starts to look like a modern chaise lounge. 

How do you imagine people will use the Lína sofa? It can be dressed up or down, depending on the chosen upholstery, and given the context and desired impression. It’s a more refined, sculpted piece where the back is as interesting as the front.

You have an eclectic portfolio, from furniture to toothbrushes. How do you choose your commissions? I’ve always believed that a designer should be able to design (almost) anything. Those I admire from the past had a similar broad scope. Learning about people, solving problems and creating moments of joy through design is super exciting.

design within reach sofa