Pushing Your Boundaries Does Wonders For Creativity. Just Ask Designer And Artist Teresa Davis.


teresa davis portrait

Collected, crafted and curated are the words artist and interior designer Teresa Davis uses to describe her aesthetic, as well as the common thread that unites her residential designs. “My motto has always been, ‘It’s the mix, not the match,’ ” she says. Davis’ creative eye and formal training, coupled with “incurable boredom and a need to push myself into uncharted territory in life and art,” have yielded an elegant array of interiors for clients in Davis’ former and current hometowns of Memphis and Denver, plus a portfolio of intriguing multimedia figure studies. Luxe explores them here. post31interiors.com

As an artist, what compelled you to explore the human form? I’ll never forget the first time I attempted to draw the human figure in college, and how completely captivated I was with the idea of recreating movement from this fluid subject.

How does your knowledge of fine art inform your interior design work? My design work has always included pieces from all disciplines: drawing, painting, photography, textiles and pottery. My art influence provides the character, warmth and sparkle that my clients appreciate.

How do you envision your latest artwork fitting into a home’s interiors? My work spans several genres, and you’ll see stylized traditional figures coexisting with unrecognizable deconstructed figures. Both styles partner perfectly with each other in any interior space. Although I prefer working large and love the power a bold piece brings to a room, I also do smaller paper pieces that can be mixed on a gallery wall.

And you love a good mix! My personal style is very much a collected, layered look; a visual conversation about living with things I love and am drawn to. I’ve always been crazy about one-of-a- kind pieces and those crafted by the human hand. I search long and hard for pieces that tell a story, and I am ecstatic when a client provides treasures to be incorporated in a project. It’s incredibly important to me to add this layer of interest to a project, rather than just “decorating” it.