Elevate Your Space With Chic Furniture From Odette


Dog sitting on white boucle swivel chair with a pillow.

Photo: Mary Margaret Chambliss

Birmingham designer Laura Vogtle excels at a variety of ventures. She’s been an art dealer, shop proprietress and antiquarian. Now, she can add furniture producer to her curriculum vitae. Officially launched in 2023, Odette emerged with help from two of Vogtle’s sons, Hays and Rhoades, along with daughter-in-law Emily. Pinpointing a void in the marketplace, Vogtle determined her mission: to deliver furniture quickly, affordably and stylishly.

The cornerstone of Odette is its upholstery—mostly Italian modern inspirations in luxurious signature fabrics. Plus, Vogtle and family produce lush rugs and complementary wood-framed furnishings, with pieces available via Design Supply in Birmingham or Odette’s by-appointment High Point showroom. Fresh for spring are more than a dozen new intros: beds, case pieces, dining chairs and sculpted sofas in textured fabrics. Exclusive by-the-yard textiles are also in the works.