How This Designer Turned Her Hamptons Office Into A Cabinet Of Curiosities


A wooden desk in a bright space

Arty pieces top a coffee table

Marie-Christine McNally

When Marie-Christine McNally decided to expand her Sag Harbor office, first, she sought a straightforward work space. But when the lease opened up for a roomy, sun-drenched unit at the Red Horse Plaza (“East Hampton’s own mini design district,” she jokes), a light bulb went off: Why not build a design studio—part office, part cabinet of curiosities—instead? Below, McNally previews the chic mix.

Walk us through the space—what’s on the shelves, so to speak?

There are contemporary pieces, primarily designed by us, but most of the inventory is found objects. My mother had a French antiques business, and I grew up accompanying her on buying trips. One of the most exciting aspects of opening this shop was the idea that I could do this again. It’s a mix of furniture, art and accessories collected over the last decade—it’s really just a curated collection of things I love.

You’ve mentioned this French lineage plays into your sensibilities.

Much of our inventory was purchased in France, but I think our merchandising also exemplifies a French approach to design. The shop feels timeless and elegant, yet unfussy and effortless. It’s an unexpected mix that transcends the typical boundaries of traditional versus modern.

Any standout pieces?

A few favorites are an 1800s black-painted desk, an enormous midcentury Brutalist sideboard and Pierre Paulin’s F44 lounge chair in the most perfect vintage leather. I also love our quirky little abstract accessories and artworks.

Three words to set the scene—go:

Neutral, timeless and textured. We offer unique, off-beat pieces that elevate and complete a space.