4 Themes Make Up This Designer’s Style—Learn More In Her New Book


Michael Del Piero book Traveled and Textural

living room from book Traveled And Textural

It takes a certain career gravitas for a designer to have a project published, but it’s a true highlight to see a collection of one’s work in a coffee table book. For Chicago- and Hamptons-based designer Michael Del Piero, that milestone came in the form of the recently published Traveled and Textural.

“They have used my work in a few of their other books, and it’s always been great,” Del Piero says of publisher Beta-Plus. “Every two years they invite a designer and an architect to make a monograph, and this time they asked me.” The book is organized around the four themes that make up the designer’s signature style: relaxed, refined, rough and restrained.

While each project has all four elements, the homes feel very different based on which one leads the narrative. An abode with traditional architecture is more refined, while an artist retreat that Del Piero designed in the Hamptons has rougher edges. “The book puts our style into the world,” she says. “It’s who we are, what we do, what we believe in.”