Designers Share How Color Can Make A Kitchen Pop


Akitchen should reflect its owners’ tastes while also remaining efficient and warm enough to entertain friends and family. But with so many functional considerations–from prep spaces to storage–adding personality can be tricky. Here, Sacha and Melissa Leclair of Leclair Decor explain how they crafted a space that satisfies both practical and aesthetic needs, thanks in large part to cabinetry coated in an eye-catching navy blue.

What were the goals for this kitchen?

We wanted to achieve a bright and airy, but also inviting and cozy, design–which can often be a difficult balance to strike. This large kitchen flows into an open-concept living-and-dining room; so, we took the opportunity to make it the home’s anchor by using colors and accents repeated throughout the house.

Discuss your strategy.

A deep, dramatic color worked well because of all the natural light from the adjacent windows. That said, it was important to balance the dark, cool-toned cabinets with a softer-colored backsplash and countertop, along with warm touches including brass hardware and pendants. The cognac leather stools are the showpiece–basic color theory at work! They pop against the navy island perfectly.

Any color tips?

In all facets of fashion and design, must-have hues come in and out of vogue regularly. We advise clients to incorporate color cabinetry if they will truly love it for at least a few years. Also, be sure to pick up the hue throughout the home as an accent, so the space feels cohesive and the choice purposeful.