The Architect: Andrew Mann

Any homeowner can attest: As one of the house's most high-traffic rooms, a kitchen must be able to stand the test of time. <br></br>Andrew Mann, distinguished residential architect and principal of <a href="" target="_blank">Andrew Mann Architecture</a>, utilizes light sources and natural materials to create timeless and efficient designs, as evidenced in this <a href="/luxedaily/article/a-contemporary-napa-valley-residence-with-a-strong" target="_blank">Napa Valley residence</a> and <a href="/luxedaily/article/a-contemporary-bay-area-home-with-an-eco-friendly-" target="_blank">Bay Area property</a>. <br></br>Here, Mann takes us through one of his latest feats: a contemporary kitchen and dining room renovation for a traditional Edwardian flat in San Francisco’s Bay Area. Want to ensure that your space's design, too, can prove to be everlasting? Read on for his best kitchen renovation tips.<br></br>—Elise Gabriele