SF Insider Alison Damonte 2

<br /><strong>The Insider: Alison Damonte</strong><br /> <br /><strong>Where is local design going?</strong> In the past few years, there has been a shift away from dark, industrial interiors to more authentic, unique spaces. This is especially apparent in some of my favorite restaurants and shops: The curved, glossy ceiling and glitter bathroom at The Progress on Fillmore, for example, are super fresh. I also think Le Point on Valencia has a wonderful interior that’s understated, sparse and Scandinavian in design, but the custom, geometric furniture is exceptional.<br /> <br /><strong>Ones to watch:</strong> I have been dreaming of using a big, geometric, colorful Clare Rojas painting for a few years now, but she has become so popular that it may be unrealistic. A friend recently introduced me to the work of ReCheng Tsang. I love the fusion of rustic and polished texture that comes across in her work.<br /> <br /><strong>Favorite scouting spot?</strong> For me, discovery is one of the best parts of my job. I’m sure if I wasn’t an interior designer, I’d be a great private investigator, as I truly get a thrill from searching out vintage furniture and accessories. Sometimes, I feel like I have actually been to the edge of the Internet and back, which is obviously exhausting, so I appreciate being able to drop into Stuff on Valencia Street for a quick fix of quirk.<br /> <br /><strong>Share a dog-eared page from your little black book.</strong> Jeff Farnsworth of Farnsworth Modern is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to vintage furniture. I love his eye for less-expected pieces, especially those from Mexico or Brazil, which aren’t otherwise easily found in San Francisco. He always has the best stories to share, which makes me appreciate everything in his shop.<br /> California, Features, San Francisco,