What’s Trending In Real Estate As People Spend More Time At Home


Developers from New York to Los Angeles break down hot markets and amenities with staying power.

chris randolph portrait

Chris Randolph

South Street Partners / Charleston, SC

Mass influx: The migration to the southeast has outpaced every U.S. region since the 2010 Census, which we see accelerating due to lower taxes, cost of living and temperate climates. Top of mind: Private elevators, open air staircases and indoor/outdoor fitness amenities that allow social distancing. Everyone wants: Private pools. And great cell coverage!

kofi nartey portrait


Kofi Nartey

Society Real Estate + Development / Los Angeles

Hot now: Walkable neighborhoods, like Playa Vista and Silver Lake. Bet on: Wellness amenities, like circadian lighting, air and water filtration systems, even mirrors that give off energy through the light they produce. New tool: The property touring app REveo has been a game changer, allowing for dynamic live and recorded video tours, which create safety and convenience for clients.

james linsley portrait


James Linsley

GID Development Group / New York

NYC now: People want a “15-minute city,” which means having green space, work and all daily necessities, within a 15-minute radius. Creating community: At our new Manhattan development, we have an in-house lifestyle director. We’ve been hosting virtual workout classes and wine tastings to encourage safe social interactions, as well as distanced events at its beautifully landscaped park. Progressive amenity: State-of-the-art air and water filtration systems.

louise sunshine portrait


Louise Sunshine

The Sunshine Group / Fort Lauderdale, FL

Trend forecast: Amenities are moving inside the home. Clients now want their media room, children’s playroom, library or fitness center within their own private residence. Hot commodity: Direct elevator entries, or an arrival shared with only a few neighbors. Moving the needle: Buyers are more comfortable with virtual tours than ever before, which may change the way we do business in the future.

dehlan gwo portraits


Dehlan Gwo

Create World Real Estate / Seattle

Next wave: A surprising number of suburbanites are moving into the city, reversing the exodus narrative. With work from home, less traffic and many buying opportunities, those who want an urban lifestyle are finding it’s a great time. Amenity dujour: Outdoor spaces. All our current condo projects have indoor-outdoor rooftops. Best investment: Digital advertising. Online and home search portals are now our top interest drivers.

sally gilliland portrait


Sally Gilliland

The Hudson Companies / New York

In the works: A multi-unit building in Pelham Village, which will offer maisonettes with private entrances. Must-haves: Great Wi-Fi, dedicated offices and outdoor gathering spaces. Urban renewal: One of the best things in New York is restaurants taking over parking spots with planters, lights and music, fostering a new way of enjoying our cities. I’m confident we’ll come back stronger than ever.