Bring The Drama To The Bathroom With Jewel Box Spaces That Inspire


black stone brass facuet bathtub

For her own master bathroom, Annapolis, Maryland-based designer Katalin Farnady brought the drama. “I took this as an opportunity to showcase how combining patterns, materials and different shades of a similar color scheme can really work together wonderfully,” the designer explains. With a love for dark, moody hues, geometric motifs and sophisticated marbles, Farnady decided to go all in when it came to designing the striking space. This sentiment echoes the growing movement toward dynamic, vibrant and altogether eye-catching bathrooms where more is more. Designers are taking advantage of smaller areas and the fact that what you use, whether it be a floral wallcovering or Moroccan tile, can go further in a tiny room and certainly make a big impact.



black horse marble slabs master bathroom with soaking tub

A Waterworks bathtub sits next to the vanity painted in Benjamin Moore’s Hot Spring Stones. Arteriors sconces complement the Black Horse marble slabs on the walls.

While designers are certainly having fun in elaborate bathrooms, Farnady of Farnady Interiors believes that you should go for what you want no matter the size of the stage. “People rarely notice if a space is small but rather what they comment on are the pieces in a room. Meaning, if you fall in love with a large-scale wallcovering or bright bathtub, go for it and don’t be shy!” she notes. Her own master bathroom is a study in contrast with graphic stone slabs on the wall, geometric tile on the floor and a more neutral beige vanity that juxtaposes beautifully with features that could be heavy or overwhelming. For Farnady, it’s all about finding balance which in turn allows you to achieve whatever you wish.

Where did you start in this bathroom? I have a love affair with marble. So, when I saw the six slabs of Black Horse at the stone yard and realized I could create a butterfly effect on the walls, I was sold. From there, it all came together very quickly as I kept a similar color scheme— black, gray, beige—throughout.

Talk to us about balance. The entire design of this space was very thought out. I knew beforehand that the shapes, colors and materials all had to be balanced. Because the walls and shower have a rather intense pattern, I knew the scale of the custom floor tile had to be smaller. The beige cabinetry tempers everything yet still ties into the overall graphic look of the space.

The room feels quite light. How did you achieve this? Light was a very important element here and I wanted to make sure this bathroom was not cave-like or overwhelmed by pattern. We are lucky to have beautiful skylights in the ceiling and be on a body of water that is constantly reflecting natural light into the space.