The Best Of This Dreamy Bathroom Redesign Lies In The Architectural Details


This spectacular Houston bathroom, designed by Marie Flanigan alongside Kelsey Grant and Sydney Manning, features Ralph Lauren sconces from Visual Comfort & Co. and an Urban Electric pendant.

In a Houston home, designer Marie Flanigan renovated and reinvented the master bathroom to create a statement space with stunning architectural details. Since the original bath was very dark, the first step was to brighten the room and welcome in natural light. To avoid altering the envelope of the building, she implemented a solarium ceiling allowing sunlight to flood the area during the day through solar tubes on the roof. Additional lighting was also added for a soft glow at night.

Paneled marble walls create an elegant, subtle focal point and were designed to encase the mirrors and sconces. While green stone slabs were the first-round pick, Flanigan and the client eventually decided on honed Calacatta Bettogli, an elevated and refined option. Walnut elements and unlacquered brass finishes, including wood inserts on the Samuel Heath sink fittings, were also introduced to add warmth and comfort to the bathroom. “Natural tones will never go out of style,” says Flanigan.

A Palecek chair completes the vanity area.

For bathrooms, especially, Flanigan recommends addressing functionality from the very beginning to ensure space is utilized in the best possible way and appliances or fittings are positioned in areas that flow easily. Although the footprint of this room was not changed, so many more usable areas were added including the vanity, bathtub and kitchenette nook. After the technical, ‘macro’ aspects of the design are decided, Flanigan says she turns to micro details like color, texture and materials.