What Drives The Designs Of Aspen-Based Clarity Fornell


What Drives The Designs Of Aspen-Based Clarity Fornell

Meet The Maker


What happens when a traditional loom falls into the hands of a weaver with a brave, experimental style? In the case of Aspen-based artist Clarity Fornell, you get custom wall hangings, wool rugs and baby alpaca pillows with a cool, contemporary edge. Here, Fornell shares what drives her irresistible designs.

Why is weaving your artistic expression of choice?

The possibilities on a loom, as far as textural dimension and pattern, are endless, and I love trying something new. My tool, the floor loom, allows me to produce on a large scale in a fairly short amount of time. I can complete a blanket–one of my favorite things to weave–in four days.

How would you describe your style?

I have two very distinct styles: My interior goods have a simple, Scandinavian style and are inspired by architecture or a client’s interior design. My fine art is bold, graphic and experimental, and often inspired by music, contemporary art, nature, even Eastern European tattoos. I’m also beginning to learn fashion construction and upholstery.

What colors and materials catch your eye?

I always use natural materials because they exude luxury. My current palette features neutral colors because they are on trend, but who knows what will come in the future. I love developing color stories for each new collection.