This Maker Brings Natural Dyes And Biophilic Patterns To Your Walls


Edie Ure holding a Dachshund dog while sitting in front of swatches of her patterns in blue hues

A wall covered in a blue, patterned Edie Ure wallpaper

After years creating prints and naturally dyed fabrics for high-profile fashion clients in New York, Boulder transplant Edie Ure was ready to take her designs into the home—first with plant-dyed velvet pillows, and now with wallcoverings available through WallTawk. Here, Ure shares insights on her practice.

What drew you to wallpaper design? Many spaces have lost their sense of nature. My aim is to soften people’s homes with organic elements.

Tell us about your patterns. Some of my early motifs have an Arts & Crafts or Art Nouveau feeling, but I’ve started making bigger, looser patterns. One of them is a soon-to-be-released, full-wall design based on photos of a wild plum tree. 

Do all your designs incorporate natural elements? I’ve created three categories: The first, named Earth, features patterns I painted using pigments made from ground-up rocks, dirt or even a burnt log’s ashes. The Botanicals category highlights flowers from my yard or the mountains, which were pressed, photographed and arranged in a repeat. And Indigo designs show off a deep blue from indigo plants that I grow myself. 

Why do you favor natural pigments? I love the elemental colors of the natural world and I love the idea of weaving nature into design in a very pure sense. That has become my mission.