The New Rug Line That Nods To L.A. And Rich Mexican Heritage


geometric rug motif by Erica Islas for Merhaban with yellow, grey, black and light brown color sections

Geometric rug motif Muros by Erica Islas for Merhaban (Photo Courtesy: Mehraban)

L.A. designer Erica Islas has turned her love of the city into a new line of rugs for Mehraban.

The eight-piece collection comprises wool and silk rugs made by artisans in India and Nepal, all of which can be ordered in varying sizes. “Mexican architects Ricardo Legorreta and Luis Barragán have inspired me for years. Being Mexican-American, I thought including them in the collection would be a wonderful homage to my own heritage,” shares Islas.

Her designs are a fitting celebration of color and pattern: Muros (above) was inspired by the two architects’ use of bold hues, light and shadow, while Still evokes sunlight moving through a room. But it’s Maison that strikes the most personal note, with its undulating grid of streets and neighborhoods inspired by aerial views of her beloved L.A. “The motifs created by our own infrastructure are art,” she says.