Escape The Everyday With Perennials’ New Luxury Performance Fabrics + Rugs


perennials outdoor furniture poolside

More than ever, people are looking for an escape. Whether basking in the sun of an exotic locale, gazing at images of a dream destination, or breathing in a scent that whisks one away, “escaping” comes in many forms.

Perennials Fabrics and Rugs offers another take this season with Villa del Sol, its new collection of fabric qualities, colorways and rug patterns inspired by the swaying palms and tranquil resorts of the islands—perfect for the style-conscious sanctuary-seeker.

perennials fabric beachballs

Take flight with fabrics

The leading provider of luxury performance textiles and accessories invites homeowners and design pros to get away from it all with Villa del Sol’s three fabric qualities: Palmetto, Breezy and Breakwater.

Bringing to mind travels abroad, Palmetto presents a distinct tropical pattern, while Breezy delivers a softer take on a leaf motif, capturing the calming feel of an island breeze. Highlighting Perennials’ technical innovation, Breakwater contrasts high and low yarn colors, resulting in depth and texture akin to the soothing feel of sand underfoot.

Defying stains, fading and mildew, these 100-percent solution-dyed acrylic designs are available in eight colorways: Outta the Blue, Lapis, Verdigris, Smoky Quartz, Ginger, Peony, Morning Glory and Confetti. These soulful hues are also available for Perennials classic fabrics lines, such as In The Loop or Go To Stripe.

perennials fabric sofa rug

Find respite with rugs

The Villa del Sol collection also features five new rug designs: Euphoria, Tide Pools, Matrix, Fade Away and Shaggy.

Euphoria is a multicolor Tibetan knot style that elicits excitement with beautiful color blending and hand-knotted construction—both signatures of Perennials’ iconic craftsmanship. Tide Pools is a drop stitch rug featuring energetic color variation, à la a watercolor painting. Ideal for outdoor areas, Matrix is a flatwoven rug with a small-scale geometric design that accents any aesthetic. An innovation for Perennials Rugs, Fade Away is the first to feature an ombré design in both the warp and the weft. By leveraging the yarn colors in both directions, Fade Away incorporates a wide array of shades into one rug. Shaggy, the new shag construction, combines a flatwoven base and supplemental shag woven into it for a funky take on a classic design.

“Though 2020 had its ups and downs, it did provide us with the chance to make the home a sanctuary again,” says Ann Sutherland, Perennials founder and CEO. “In designing Villa del Sol, we aimed to offer clients this sense of not only peace, but also the rejuvenation you would find through travel. Many are stuck at home, so we included beautiful patterns that you would find at a lush resort. Through Villa del Sol, Perennials will bring the resort to you!”

Villa del Sol is available to interior designers and architects through showrooms worldwide. View the full collection at No passport needed.