It’s All About Old-School Techniques +Sustainability At This Local Shop


landscape photograph hanging over wooden credenza

Ross Beard can pinpoint the exact moment when his passion for furniture design was ignited. “I was probably 12 years old when, during a visit to Atlanta’s High Museum of Art, I came across a desk and chair by Frank Lloyd Wright,” he recalls. “I was captivated by the relationship between design and furniture making.” More than a decade later, Beard and his brother-in-law would start the furniture company Rustic Trades, but it wasn’t until the 2020 launch of Ethos Furniture, a Colorado Springs–based shop Beard helms with business partner Scott Garbe, that he was able to fully realize his passion for handcrafted furnishings designed with specific spaces— and people—in mind.

How does Ethos Furniture achieve a design-focused approach to furniture making? Our offerings range from a residential furniture line to commercial furniture, and we specialize in designs that we can customize. Our incredible clients challenge us to create new designs that enable them to fill out a space in the way they envision. 

Describe the Ethos aesthetic. We’re always looking at new materials, designs and ways of approaching furniture building. At the moment, we’re inspired by the shift toward more contemporary lines. But we always use domestically and sustainably sourced hardwood, and we favor boards with unique grains, knots and imperfections. 

Tell us about your latest designs. I’ve been inspired by the shadows that a piece of furniture creates; how a solid space creates a unique look to the area around it. Our winter collection incorporates glass for the first time, highlighting open spaces that contrast with the solid nature of wood. 

Old school or new school? It’s a blend of old-school hand-cut joinery and new-school utilization of industrial equipment. I’ve always been inspired by old-world craftsmanship. Our goal is to bring back that approach to furniture making. 

black and white portrait of Ross Beard in his studioPHOTOS BY KODY KOHLMAN