The Evolution Of French Architect Jean-Marie Massaud’s Elegant Chairs


photo of two yellow chairs in front of plants

French architect and designer Jean-Marie Massaud and longtime collaborator Arper, the Italian furniture brand with a Soho showroom, released the 14th iteration of his elegant Aston Club chairs—this time, with an exclusive upholstery option by newly anointed Prada co-creative director, Raf Simons for Kvadrat. Luxe caught up with Massaud to discuss his artistic evolution.

You first launched the Aston Club chair in 2006. How has your approach changed over the years? The original Aston, with its unique silhouette, is the result of the quest for essential, smart and enveloping architecture. Now, it’s imbued with the ambition of more mature comfort, refined ergonomics and timeless allure—like the classic design of the Porsche 911, which evolves with time.

What’s your ideal use for the chair? To live, relax, and even work in it. Aston Club is like an elegant nest that creates comfort and intimacy that envelops its sitter. 

How does the fabric by Raf Simons complement its shape? We are able to accentuate Aston Club with a smooth and sharp sensitivity for a comfortable mood with, as we say in French, caractère.