What To Expect At Chicago’s 57th Street Art Fair


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For the 71st consecutive year, Chicagoland will honor its plethora of original art at the 57th Street Art Fair, the longest-running celebration of its kind in the city. More than 200 artists will exhibit in this year’s outdoor Hyde Park festival, taking place June 2-3, and among the highlights to look for are two Wisconsin makers. Inspired by the beauty of his studio’s surroundings–83 acres of rolling forest dotted with hidden lakes–ceramicist Chris Leung creates pieces that reflect the curves and colors of nature. Likewise, Barb Opferman paints abstract landscapes (shown), although her works take on a global flair, reflecting places she’s traveled to or imagined. She wants viewers of her art to find something “relatable yet intriguing”–certainly an achievable feat at this storied fair.