The Global Hunt For Fine Tabletop Wares Inspired By Grandmother


Federika Longinotti Buitoni setting table with florals


“My grandmother used to set the most impeccable tables,” recalls Federika Longinotti Buitoni. “To this day, I remember the gorgeous ceramic parrots she used as centerpieces, and the homemade clementine ice cream that she served on perfectly carved clementine skin. I learned never to underestimate the details, as this is often all people remember.”

With such early-seeded reverence for the art of entertaining, the fact that Longinotti Buitoni grew up to found Collecto—a retailer dedicated to aggregating the finest tabletop wares from around the globe—is apropos.

Traversing Italy for delicate glassware, France for Limoges porcelain and Mexico for handmade pottery, Longinotti Buitoni is building a veritable melting pot of luxury, artisan-driven homewares, with a new service wing offering bespoke, soup-to-nuts dining and kitchenware curation.

Grandmother, we posit, would approve.