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arielle vey

WHO: In between shooting campaigns for companies like Netflix, Toms and Skyy vodka, San Diego-based photographer Arielle Vey is busy setting up an online print shop and exploring her passion for painting and vlogging.

WHAT: Vey lives in a picturesque beach town and her feed embraces that scenery. She shares tidbits from her travels and her everyday life–crashing waves, blush pink sunsets and cozy corners from her home.

WHY: The photographer’s vibrant yet subdued imagery encourages followers to push creative boundaries. Her feed fosters a sense of community and positivity.

“My visual style is centered on bold compositions and tonalities, whether it’s a bright pink sky or a rainy day. Shifting the highlights and bringing warmth to the shadows is my favorite way to really make an image pop.”

-Arielle Vey