Feed To Follow: @emaphotographi


Feed To Follow: @emaphotographi

WHO: Vancouverite Ema Peter uses her keen eye for essential design elements such as color, angles, shape and form to enhance the visual impact of a space or building, and her architectural still-lifes are anything but stagnant.

WHAT: Peter’s bright compositions are captured with the spontaneity of seeing a structure for the first time. Using natural light as her only filter and opting for professional camera equipment over her iPhone, she focuses on a riveting feature within a space to get “the shot.” Followers will see angular staircases, illuminated exteriors and profound passageways.

WHY: Peter’s have-camera-will-travel spirit is enough to instill the travel bug in even the most seasoned design aficionados.

“I follow the light. Just as people have expressions, buildings do, too. Those expressions come in the form of the lines and shapes of a structure. There is always one image that has magic in it.”

-Ema Peter