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WHO: Bryan Capp, the cofounder and creative director of Milton & King, a luxury designer wallcoverings firm based locally in Austin and abroad in Brisbane, Australia. He and his team take and share photos of the inventive prints for which the company is known. Follow on Instagram, @mkwallpapers.

WHAT: Any hesitations about bold walls are easily assuaged with a scroll through this feed, managed by Capp. Each image shows an artful space backed with beautiful paper.

WHY: More than just pretty to look at, these real-life shots afford fresh takes on prints and ideas–presented to inspire a sudden desire in you to transform at least one wall in your home with paper. Don’t expect heavily filtered images; the goal is color accuracy.

“Austin and Milton & King are cut from the same cloth. If we were both people, we’d be ruggedly good-looking, casual yet on trend, hardworking and reliable, known to enjoy a good social outing (but not the life of the party) and fit, fun and outdoorsy.”

-Bryan Capp