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WHO: Christine Stucker and James Veal, the duo behind the Brooklyn-based Stewart-Schafer architecture, design and fabrication studio. Their backgrounds: her, fine art and interior design; him, project management and production. Find them on Instagram at @stewartschafer.

WHAT: Get a glimpse of the pair’s upcoming projects, goods they’re coveting and global places from which they source their materials.

WHY: Because the duo love what they do–and it shines through. Their admiration for the design industry is palpable.


“No two days are alike, and each day calls for a different set of skills. One week we may be sourcing huge blocks of Bardiglio marble for a retail project, and the next we are designing custom bathroom fixtures for a residential client. This forces us to always be looking for groundbreaking new ways to interact with design, rather than follow fleeting trends.”

Christine Stucker and James Veal