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Chelsea Goodson

WHO: Phoenix native Chelsea Goodson, the blogger behind Chelsea Bird, where she shares snippets of her home, style, travels and daily life.

WHAT: Expect to see well-lit scenes of Goodson’s desert home, photos of her adventures near and far with her husband, a collection of hip outfits and shots of her ultimate obsession: iced coffee. Goodson doesn’t like to use filters and prefers natural light, giving her feed a nice touch of authenticity.

WHY: If you’re inspired by natural tones, a simple yet chic aesthetic and a fresh perspective on life through a young professional’s eyes, this is the feed for you. Each image is carefree and stylish and makes desert living look downright dreamy.

Chelsea Goodson

Chelsea Goodson

“There’s so much about Phoenix that I love and that has influenced who I am today. From the growing art community to the delicious coffee scene, there’s always something to see or do in this city.”

-Chelsea Goodson