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WHO: What might be most impressive about Katie Hackworth, the Seattle-based architectural and interior designer, is that she is entirely self-taught. It’s her instinct that drives her work, and, over the years, Hackworth has honed a distinct style that is both refined and humble.

WHAT: Hackworth’s feed is a lens into her work, downtime and family life. She does, though, keep design at the forefront, so her followers get to see everything, from progress on a project to the hectic install and the beautiful final result–thrown in with pictures of her two daughters and doggy bathtimes, all coming together to tell an intimate story.

WHY: Expect images reflecting cool tones contrasted with architectural still lifes. Her aesthetic has all the charm of a bygone era but stays decidedly modern and fresh.


“My eye is trained to see composition innately. Technically speaking, though, lighting is really the most important component for my images.”

Kate Hackworth