Find Out What’s Catching This Denver Boutique Owner’s Eye


Upon joining the Denver design scene with the opening of her lifestyle boutique, Homebody, in 2017, Dory Pratt immediately earned a reputation for finding the best of what’s new and next in home decor—not just in Colorado, but all around the design world. Here, she shares what’s catching her eye right now.

stack of colorful linens

“I love French bed and kitchen linens in solids, plaids, checks, stripes and florals. In Europe, linen bedding is used year-round, and boy, is it divine! Once you sleep on linen, it’s hard to go back to regular cotton.”

“Lamps by the famous French ceramic artist Georges Pelletier are highly collectible and hard to find. Most are vintage, from the 1970s and ’80s, though new ones are still being produced in Cannes. This vintage lamp features a blue daisy carving that allows the light to twinkle through.” 

white sofa with black trim

“Many of the sofas we get from Europe are low and have layered, mattress-style seat cushions, which are really cool-looking and comfortable. This white sofa with black trim was made in France for the Chanel offices in Paris and was so admired, the maker began producing them for the public.”

modern cane lounge chair

“French modern cane lounge chairs bring back natural materials and traditional techniques, while the black-stained solid wood and clean lines make them elegant and refined.”

two pieces of glassware

“Mouth-blown Belgian glassware is special because the nature of the process makes each piece interesting, irregular and unique.”