These Wallcoverings Invite You To Voyage Without Leaving Home


Room showcasing a wallcovering of a painted tropical landscape

Fine & Dandy Co. was built on its founders’ “shared affinity for beautiful old things and a desire to bring something into the world that made people happy,” says L.A.-based Carla Morano, who launched the wallcovering company in 2018 with partners Shelley Weinreb and Jill Steinberg.

Their latest grass-cloth design, Zanzibar, is available in three colorways and debuted this fall. It depicts sandy footpaths through dense tropical foliage against a backdrop of hazy mountains in the distance.

“We wanted to create a landscape that felt more primordial, with an exotic, sensual feel to it,” notes Weinreb, explaining that their murals often begin with original paintings and an imagined story. For Zanzibar, that story was one of a mysterious island sojourn filled with treasure, intrigue and discovery.

“Murals offer a sense of travel and transformation, while allowing the house to become a sanctuary,” adds Steinberg. Their designs are a celebration of home and an invitation to voyage indeed.