7 Ways To Channel A Natural And Organic Essence For Your Home


Meet floral designers—Aiste Kuchta, Anastasia Kolesnichenko, and Natasja Sadi, whose artful compositions are unrestricted by the bounds of a vase, as we spotlight recommended picks that follow their styles.

lush green floral composition in white vase from Aiste Kuchta

Photo: Denis Kuchta

ID: Aiste Kuchta @aikufloral. Coordinates: Global nomad. Approach: Floral arranging inspired by the seasons. Something to reconsider: Dying flowers are beautiful; imperfect blooms are unique. Tip to try: Let flowers move in their natural direction. Memorable experience: Foraging for icicles and arranging them alongside flowers. Manifesting: The film industry is something I’d be happy to be a part of! In the works: Events and floral subscriptions. Remember to…Enjoy the process.

brown wooden beams all contained in a brown wooden frame

Rivenwood Panel in Shelter Cove / Price upon request / eldoradostone.com

two tan half-circles that serve as handles

Arc Handle in Travertine by Bjorn x Lo & Co Interiors / $218 a pair / sandiegohardware.com

long olive green floor lamp

Loft D94061 Floor Lamp in Olive Green / $866 / jielde.com

fancy perfume bottle suggested by Aiste Kuchta

Deux Eaux de Parfum / $240 / trudon.com

gray bench sitting on top of stand, suggested by Aiste Kuchta

Solano Concrete & Teak Bench by Heike Vetter / $2,220 / rh.com

green and white porcelain dinner plate, suggested by Aiste Kuchta

Dinner Plate in Green by Pottery & Pottery / $240 set of four / abask.com

brown bamboo bookcase suggested by Aiste Kuchta

Small Teak Opal Bookcase / Price upon request / noirfurniturela.com