7 Pretty Ways To Sweeten Up Your Living Space


Meet floral designers—Aiste Kuchta, Anastasia Kolesnichenko, and Natasja Sadi, whose artful compositions are unrestricted by the bounds of a vase, as we spotlight recommended picks that follow their styles.

large strawberry, flower and orange against a blue background taken by Anastasia Kolesnichenko

Photo: Anastasia Kolesnichenko

 Name: Anastasia Kolesnichenko @vaasialis. Home base: Cyprus. Origin story: I always wanted to work with flowers and objects. I practiced everyday and posted to Instagram. Overtime, I got my first orders. Style notes: Dreamy, fun and playful. Known for: Creating something new and turning flowers into my own unique species. Ethos: Flowers are emotions. They are alive, agile and have the ability to be reborn. Pick a favorite: Poppies. In the works: A commission for a jewelry brand.

light blue and white coat rack with a red strip in the middle

Small Hooks Coat Rack by Nathalie du Pasquier / $375 / store.moma.org

large round red chair with orange cushion, suggested by Anastasia Kolesnichenko


Bardi’s Bowl Chair in Orange / Price upon request / arper.com

multicolored mosaic tile, suggested by Anastasia Kolesnichenko

Memphis Raku Mosaic Tile / Price upon request / newravenna.com

vermillion pendant lamp with round orb bulb



 Akoya Pendant in Vermilion / From $781 / rbw.com

multicolored sneaker with red, green and white tones

 Nama Sneaker in Green-Orange / $795 / chloe.com

abstract side table with tan plexiglass top and mulitcolored stand

California Table by Elyse Graham / Price upon request / cultureobject.com

orange striped fabric, suggested by Anastasia Kolesnichenko

Belmondo Fabric in Corallo / Price upon request / dedar.com