12 Floral Wallpaper Designs To Transform Your Space


From bold, oversized blooms to delicate, intricate greenery, floral wallpaper serves as a versatile canvas for various design styles. Whether you’re adorning a bedroom feature wall or covering an entire home bar, organic flower-power patterns add timeless charm—just ask the experts. Here, we explore floral wallpaper designs that range from whimsical to modern. Consider it an open invitation to pick a favorite (or five) from the bountiful bunch.


Fall In Love With These Floral Wallpapers


colorful floral wallpaper behind a blue velvet armchair

Photo: Courtesy Morris & Co.

Go Classic With This Early 20th-Century Wallpaper

Golden Lily by Morris & Co.

A manufacturer’s note for the original “Golden Lily” in an early 20th-century Morris & Co. archival log book reads “a considerable mass of colour.” That initial direction certainly rings true in these punchy, updated colorways. Seen here in Pink Fizz, Golden Lily is a vibrant and dynamic wall covering, perfect for those looking for a statement-making addition to their interiors.

blue, green, and yellow floral wallpaper behind a yellow couch

Photo: Courtesy of Graham & Brown

A Medley of Flowers Against A Midnight Backdrop

Glasshouse Flora by Graham & Brown

Looking to add some drama to your home’s interiors? Meet the Glasshouse Flora wallpaper by Graham & Brown, seen here in its original colorway. The extra large repeat pattern reads maximalist yet sophisticated. Blues, greens and yellows merge together against the dark backdrop to give this floral wallpaper its theatrical flair.

floral wallpaper with hummingbirds

Photo: Read McKendree

Delicate Birds Take Flight In This Whimsical Wallpaper

Hummingbirds by Cole & Sons

This romantic floral wallpaper emanates all the cottagecore vibes. Featured above in a powder room of an East Hampton home by Ryann Swan Hackett of Ryann Swan Design, Hummingbirds by Cole & Sons adds a touch of delicate wherever its used. The original design dates back to the 18th century; pulled from the Cole & Sons archive, today’s iteration is both spring-forward and classic. “I love the juxtaposition of the more traditional paper against the more modern custom sink,” shares Hackett.

floral wallpaper with a green and white leaf design

Photo: Public 311 Design

An Easy, Breezy Wallpaper With Softly Swaying Leaves

Patterned Fronds by Love vs. Design

This bohemian bedroom, designed by Lauren Meichtry of Elsie Home, features Patterned Fronds by Love vs. Design. “I feel the best way to utilize wallpaper in your design is to fully commit to the look you’re going for,” says Meichtry. Patterned Fronds comes in a variety of color ways, so you can easily personalize it to fit your vision. Moreover, the company offers high-quality peel and stick wallpapers for the indecisive among us.

colorful floral wallpaper with a vintage feel

Photo: Avery Nicole Photography

A Modern Play On Vintage Vignettes

Hollyhocks by House of Hackney

“This is not your grandma’s floral with its sense of excess and bold pattern play,” shares Sarah Stacey of Sarah Stacey Interior Design. “It brings a sophisticated whimsy to the space.” The fun wall covering is Hollyhocks by House of Hackney in Autumn, used here in a project by Stacey. A clever choice for a traditional-meets-modern vibe, the floral wallpaper has a quality we’d coin “grandma-chic.” Created for House of Hackney by artist Kerry Simmons, the print is available in three other colorways, also named for the seasons.

wall mural of flowers behind a bed

Photo: Courtesy Phillip Jeffries

Butterflies and Birds Dance In This Scenic Wall Covering Mural

Eternal Spring 10223 Pink by Phillip Jeffries

Graceful birds fly between camellia and magnolia trees in this Phillip Jeffries stunner. The couture design was hand painted, embroidered and transformed into a large-scale mural. With flowering trees evoking the first blooms of spring, the wall covering promotes a gentle disposition.

red poppies on a blue background

Photo: Courtesy Nathan Turner

This Design Packs A Pop Of Color

Poppy by Nathan Turner

Petals seem to fall gracefully down the wall in Poppy, where red-orange poppies contrast vibrantly against a blue background. “Being a native Californian, my favorite flower has always been the California Poppy …it’s the perfect shade of orange! Naturally I designed a wallpaper showcasing our state flower,” says Nathan Turner, the designer behind the blooms. Available in 5 colorways, Poppy is a sweet choice for delicate spaces (envision the deep blue above or the soft blush version in a nursery) and a fit for rooms that need an added touch of whimsy.

children's playroom with floral wallpaper and a climbing wall

Photo: Rebecca McAlpin

Go Into The Woods With This Playful Floral Wallpaper

Strawberry Field, Night by Rebel Walls

Florals are always a hit for nurseries, but what about when the little ones grow up? Enter Strawberry Field, Night by Rebel Walls, featured here in a project by Kevin Kaminski + Alexis Pew of Kaminski + Pew. This playroom design is anchored by the whimsical wallpaper. “We went with a playful subject matter but mature color palette to allow this space to grow with the children as they age,” shares the team. While playful bunnies hopping across fields might read childlike, the addition of the deep blue background adds a touch of sophistication, making this statement wall all-ages approved.

Farrow and Ball's Wisteria wallpaper in a home office

Photo: Courtesy Farrow & Ball

Romantic Florals Trail Along This Collection

Wisteria by Farrow & Ball

The trailing vines and burgeoning blooms across Wisteria by Farrow & Ball give the collection its sense of English charm. Inspired by 19th-century woven fabrics, the pattern gives the impression of spring personified. The dreamy design is available in 23 total colorways to fit a range of color palettes.

blue and green floral wallpaper

This Bold Floral Wallpaper Has Scandinavian Roots

Blooma by Ghislaine Viñas for Wolf Gordon

A 2021 NYCxDESIGN Award winner for Contract Wallcovering, Blooma by Ghislaine Viñas for Wolf Gordon continues to turn heads. The sinuous floral wallpaper is inspired by traditional Scandinavian shapes and native flowers. Seen here in the Sky colorway, Blooma also comes in Rose and Verde. Pick any of them to add a hint of playfulness to your space.

a home bar with blue nature-themed wallpaper

Photo: Jared Kuzia

Playing With Color And Landscapes In A Nature-Inspired Wall Covering

Aravali by Matthew Williamson at Osborne & Little

When these homeowners wanted to bring the outdoors in, Vani Sayeed of Vani Sayeed Studios knew just the write wall covering could grant their wishes. After wrapping the wet bar in Aravali by Matthew Williamson at Osborne & Little, the space came to life. With scenes of rolling hills and natural foliage set against a moody jewel-tone blue, this nature-inspired wallpaper deftly hits the mark.

purple wallpaper with watercolor-like petals in repeating lines

Earth Tones Gives This Garden-Like Wallpaper A Minimalist Feel

Succulents by Miller House

Looking for a more subtle floral wall covering? Try Succulents by Miller House. The delicate pattern gives an elegant impression. Available in 8 different colorways, each version of this garden-inspired print employs muted, earthy tones. With its hand-painted watercolor design, what’s not to like?

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