Get The Inside Scoop On These Florida Designers’ Distinctive Styles


South Florida designers Megan Grehl and Rayana Schmitz share their unique styles and artistic inspirations.

Megan Grehl Creates An Internationally Inspired Aesthetic


Over-scale fluted white chandelier in living room with crown molding and a black-and-white palette by Meghan Grehl

As principal and founder of her eponymous Miami-based studio and a LUXE Next In Design 99 honoree, Megan Grehl taps into her Asian culture to create an unmistakable, internationally inspired aesthetic. Here, she shares more.

Tell us about your approach. Cultural influences are central to the makeup of our team and the design heritage we are cultivating. Having a strong architectural backdrop is also integral to our process. We like experimenting and contradicting the way people often think of materiality—I love the shock factor.

What keeps you motivated? Knowing there are different aesthetics and markets to discover. There are so many ways to design, and it’s exciting to see new interpretations year after year—it never gets boring.

Rayana Schmitz Designs Spaces Where Functionality Meets Beauty


Kitchen with wood floors, island and chairs balanced with white cabinetry, a marble backsplash and a chandelier

For Rayana Schmitz, the founder and principal designer of Firefinish Interiors in Coconut Creek, it’s all about designing spaces where functionality meets beauty. Get the inside scoop from the LUXE Next In Design 99 pro.

Describe your aesthetic. A harmonious blend of timeless elegance and modern sophistication. We create spaces that exude tranquility and warmth with contemporary elements.

What drives you? The ability to positively impact our clients’ lives and capture their individual styles while still expressing our firm’s creativity.


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