Flowers Power This Seattle Design Studio When It Comes To Homes, Eateries Or Events


Seattleites may recognize Lisa Bowman from any number of creative projects, from floral and event design at her studio Bowman Design to restaurant interiors at local hangouts Damn The Weather and Champagne Diner to experimental ventures into prop styling.

On the thread that binds her different adventures in design, Bowman explains, “I wanted to create a business that could design any space, like our homes and workplaces, along with events, and ensure that our environments are personal, impactful, inspirational and functional. Flowers and plants are a huge part of that equation for me. Adding a piece of nature, such as a centerpiece for an intimate dinner gathering, fresh-cut stems to a bathroom vanity, or air-purifying plants to an office space are the final and vital touch to a space, providing movement, softness and life. Offering floral services in my business also satisfies the part of me that loves to get my hands dirty and build and create.”

As for what’s next, Bowman is eager to connect with more PNW-based small businesses on creative, collaborative projects.