Indulge All Five Senses At This Retro Glam Portland Cocktail Bar


Mix of booth, table and cocktail table seating near bar lined with highback bar stools under pendant lighting

When Portland industry veteran Collin Nicholas set out to open a new cocktail bar in the city’s Pearl District, he wanted to balance comfort and intrigue.

“I always start with the five senses,” Nicholas says. “I want guests to have a well-rounded, accessible and exciting experience, and the best way to do that is to design an environment around touch, taste, smell, sound and sight.” In contrast to many of his previous projects, Fools and Horses emphasizes subtlety over pop, elegance over whimsy. A pressed-tin backbar lends an air of retro glam, and a custom wallpaper designed by Lonesome Pictopia brings a splash of color and pattern to the otherwise moody atmosphere.

“Our highly stylized aesthetic is the North Star for both the menu and the space,” Nicholas says. “This creates a cohesive and inviting experience.”