Stronger Together: Atlanta Designers Team Up To Create Thoughtful, Custom Projects


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Having started out as competitors who soon realized they were better off as comrades, Atlanta-based design duo Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters have formed a dynamic design partnership, their recipe a mix of friendship, charity and design work. Five years in, their jointly formed Forbes + Masters thrives on coast-to-coast sourcing, customized components and deep personal connections with clients, leading to truly tailored projects. Luxe chatted with Forbes and Monet to find out why this pair is worth paying attention to.

Why is Forbes + Masters special?

MM: You’re getting two design principals, not a lead designer and a junior designer. That means the project is consistently being managed on a high level, using our different strengths.

How would you describe the work?

MM: Bold, layered, thoughtful—with personal touches like a grandmother’s quilt, a rug collected in Afghanistan, little details like that.

TF: Also, timeless—our designs aren’t based on what’s trendy at the moment, but on the client who is living in the home.

Tell us about your new location in East Atlanta.

MM: It’s part of the new Atlanta Arts District. Many artists who had studios at The Goat Farm Arts Center are moving in over there. We’re driven in a different creative direction, being around so many artists that handle different materials rather than being among other designers; It’s inspiring in a different way.

TF: We’ve also set aside the front office portion for our craftsman, Antonio Darden, who builds our bookcases, tables and desks, so we’ll have constant access to building materials and fun things to play with.

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