It’s All In The Details For French Kitchen Brand L’Atelier Paris


blue kitchen bar area

You don’t have to be a Francophile to fall under the spell of L’Atelier Paris’ heritage designs. The company’s new L.A. showroom (8925 Beverly Blvd., West Hollywood) has key pieces on display, but what makes its approach unique is that every aspect of each order is custom.“There’s no adapting to our product—we adapt to your space,” says CEO Ricardo Moraes. “No two kitchens are alike in color, trim or dimensions.”

The unmistakably French styling is designed to encourage a more cultivated cooking experience. “Food is an intricate part of our culture, and our heritage inspires us—joie de vivre, the look and feel of Provence,” he explains. “Aesthetics are important to a meal—a beautifully plated meal tastes better—and what we do is based on that notion.”

With a wide range of color, trim and customization options, the result is a kitchen that would make even the marchands-merciers, luxury dealers of 18th-century Paris, take note.