From The Editor: Spring’s Feel-Good Design Book


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I’m all about living with a sense of joy when it comes to decorating and find great pleasure when maximalist sensibilities take hold: color, pattern, chinoiserie and old school style, courageously executed. So, when interior designer Meg Braff‘s new design book, The Decorated Home, came across my desk this week, I was thrilled. There’s an ebullient quality that comes through the pages with a happy, feel-good approach to design. Meg shares her design tips throughout the pages, which are illustrated with inspiring examples of her work. It is definitely a tome that I recommend for your design library!

Here are a few pointers from the book:

Mix Slightly Offbeat Paint Colors: Meg recommends color variations that don’t match exactly. Pair, for example, edgy chartreuse with a traditional grassy green. It adds a sense of zip.

Push It With Pattern: Rooms can take more pattern than you think, so push it, but not with too much wild abandon! Make sure there’s always a bit of breathing room for the eye.

Buy What’s Been Loved Before: Details matter, and enhancing a home with great treasures is a fine way to complete a space. Antiques and vintage pieces bring a story and a dose of pedigree. Layer them with new finds for a point of contrast.

Take it Outdoors: Consider your outside space an “extra” room and decorate it as such. Mimic the interior but do so in a more relaxed way. Plan your color scheme and accessorize depending on how you will use the space.

Be Happy At Home: I couldn’t concur more with Meg here. She advocates for infusing a home with spirit and says, “happiness is defined by my husband and boys, and the spirit of home that we create whenever we are together.”

At Luxe, we believe that home is your greatest luxury; the place that ideally brings you the most comfort and joy in your life.

xo Pamela

Details matter, and enhancing a home with great treasures is a fine way to complete a space.