Meet The Creative Who Unleashed Femme Artistry In West Palm Beach


Gaby Viteri stands in a pink dress with a gallery wall of pink paintings behind her.


As an independent curator and creative director, Gaby Viteri knows a thing or two about art—including how something was missing in the West Palm Beach, Florida, creative scene. “When I noticed a gap in female-led shows and art-centered programming, I decided to do something about it,” she says. Viteri swiftly organized “First Female,” an exhibition featuring the work of Hayley Sheldon and Jenny Kiker, which has since blossomed into a movement. Now a community program with membership options, First Female brings together local women in the arts for events, public shows and heartfelt camaraderie.

Describe your vision for First Female. My goal is to establish a local and collaborative community for female artists that expands the visibility of their work. Our programming is designed to be a ripple effect, creating a fertile environment for artists—especially underrepresented women. We aim to bring awareness and change attitudes toward female art while carving out a friendly and engaging space for the makers to collaborate, connect and learn from one another.

What’s next? We will continue to have monthly studio visits hosted by one of our artist members. Early this year, one of those includes the new studio of Angela Bulich of LSM Atelier, who specializes in thoughtful and minimalist decor. 

Any advice for women in the arts? Take the risk, work in your own style, find a community or mentor, and keep showing up. Use social media, and be sure to promote your own work—there is a lot of opportunity out there for those who hustle.