This Sleek Garage Recreates The Look Of A Classic ’80s Flick


What to do with a rare car collection that’s as beautiful as any conventional artwork? Hire a top-notch team to create a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off-inspired garage and put it on display, of course. In the case of this Austin project, that team included Shiflet Group Architects, Mark Ashby Design and Dalgleish Construction Company. Builder David Dalgleish gave Luxe an inside look.

What’s the capacity? Approximately 20 vehicles.

Describe your goal. A high-end building for a collection of rare cars. The cars are the centerpiece, but we dialed up the details to complement their exquisite quality.

Share some unique details. The basement features a fully restored 1980 M1 BMW appearing to drive along the wall, grain-matched sound-absorbent wood walls and a glass particle-type sound-absorbing plaster ceiling. The main floor includes a detailed 1980 M1 BMW frame hanging from the ceiling of the two-story pavilion area. A three-story car lift moves the cars between floors.

Describe the materials. Pyrok StarSilent plaster made from 96 percent recycled glass and acoustical wall panels by Sound Seal for sound absorption. It has an exoskeleton steel structure, a cut stone exterior and interior, and a combination of Swiss Vitrocsa and Reynaers windows and doors.

What makes it luxurious? The razor blade level of exquisite construction finish details; the artistic details of all elements, including the spiral AC ducts with screws installed according to a strict symmetrical alignment plan; the quality of the custom furnishings and interiors; the glass-plaster; the wood sound-absorbent walls; the secret door; the extra-large electric operated door systems from Vitrocsa; and more.