Garrett Leather Redefines Organic Elegance With 4 New Nature-Centric Looks


garrett leather hive

Nature inspires and refreshes; it sparks imagination and reminds us of the beauty found in even the smallest of details. Garrett Leather’s Nurtured By Nature collection was crafted with this perspective in mind, and the results are a visual celebration of our surroundings.

Produced in collaboration with Gensler, the all-new leather line invites you to design with elements of the natural world as your muse. We took an inside look at the collection’s four refined, yet organic patterns, which evoke the imagery of plants and animals, rivers and wind.

garrett leather fronds fennel

Fronds adds an airiness and texture to any interior, whether applied at a small or large scale. It pays homage to the graceful sweep of one of earth’s oldest plants, with a somewhat tropical, old-world essence.

garrett leather tendrils blackfoot

Tendrils evokes the power and presence of water and wind. The full-grain Italian leather almost seems to gently ripple with movement.

garrett leather hive

Hive calls forth scenes of lively gardens and their pollinators. Its lack of a consistent pattern makes applications of this design all the more unique.

Fronds, Tendrils and Hive are etched patterns available in six colors: Distressed Fennel, Distressed Anthracite, Native Apache, Distressed Irish Cream, Native Blackfoot and Native Mohican. They are sold in half hides averaging 20 to 25 square feet and have a lead time of four to six weeks.

garrett leather honeycomb chair

Honeycomb stands apart even within its collection. Inspired by the place where one of nature’s most prolific makers goes to work, it is a geometric powerhouse enhanced through the depth of an embossed texture. Available in three hues of full-grain leather—Journey Hollow, Journey Footpath and Journey Scenic Trail—it will age to perfection, much like stones or wood worn by rushing waters. It requires only two weeks for production.

Once you’ve fallen head over heels for one (or all) of these patterns, the options unfold before you. Chair backs, wall panels, cabinet fronts, headboards—the Nurtured By Nature collection has been applied to it all, to stunning effect.

For more than 30 years, interior designers, upholsterers and manufacturers have used Garrett Leather’s products for private and corporate aircraft, automobiles and yachts, corporate and hospitality settings, and residential interiors. From the quality and availability of the raw materials to the standards of handling and testing, the brand always strives for better and best.

That much is evident in its eco-friendly policies, which honor the planet by which the latest collection is inspired. Garrett Leather’s products boast non-toxic composition (no conflict minerals, no POPs, no PVC, no BPA, etc.) and are certified by GREENGUARD, LEED and BIFMA.