22 Geometric Wallpapers With A Fresh Edge


This season’s wallcoverings take on a graphic approach.

Check Mate

Clockwise from top left: Zola in Blue by Annie Coop / katetaylorid.com. Roma in Neptune by Brook Perdigon / templestudiony.com. Owen in Blue by Kristy Stafford / supplyshowroom.com. Lyre Paper in Pool by Kelly Wearstler for Lee Jofa / kravet.com. Chennai in Azure / designersguild.com. Tartan in Myrtle by Aux Abris / johnrosselli.com.

Directional Divide

Clockwise from top left: Perfect Petals in Blue/Antique Gold / yorkwallcoverings.com. Fiamma in Dante / fromental.co.uk. Rainbow Chevron by Ottoline / clothandkind.com. Araby in Sapphire by Atelier RSH / somerselle.com. Argo in Cream by Kristy Stafford / supplyshowroom.com. Kasari Ikat in Aquamarine / fschumacher.com.

Linear Equation

From top to bottom: Igor in Pink by Kristy Stafford / supplyshowroom.com. Ken’s Lines in Corail by Ken Fulk / pierrefrey.com. Polly Stripes in Taupe/Brick/Camel / brettdesigninc.com. Dashing Stripe in Red Coral/White / yorkwallcoverings.com. Mac in Sunrise / sarahvondreele.com.

Frenetic Energy

From top to bottom: Open Bar in Rose Gold by Society of Wonderland / somerselle.com. Neo Geo in Trinity / paretewalls.com. De-Da-Do in Col. 1 Bronzo / dedar.com. Arcus in 27053 / arte-international.com. Lady in Black & Gold / fschumacher.com. Background: Arcus in 27052 / arte-international.com.