Meet The Designer Championing Emerging Artists With Her Gallery Space


Gil Walsh stands in front of sample library in vibrantly patterned and colored clothing

Boasting more than 40 years in the business, interior designer Gil Walsh of GW Interiors continues to forge new beginnings for herself and other creators. Walsh recently opened a 5,000-square-foot studio in West Palm Beach that features a resource library touting the latest fabrics, wallpapers, architectural materials and floor coverings. With this new space, the designer is also on a mission to showcase emerging artists in her adjoining gallery.

Describe your process. My approach to design has always been as an artist creating on a three-dimensional canvas. By looking at the unique architectural and functional value of a space, rather than starting from a template, you’ll never get the same result twice. 

Why was it important for your new showroom to feature an art gallery? Great interior design is built on the foundation of personal style. Therefore, art plays an important role in our spaces. In the end, what makes a room is your art collection—it’s the final accessory to your home. 

What’s the benefit of showcasing rising artists? There are many young creatives in Florida, and Palm Beach specifically, that deserve to be seen. I always believe in collaboration—not just because of what you can learn from another artist but also how many opportunities are created when you share your resources and networks. Earlier this year, for instance, we found great success with our Chris Leidy exhibit—a Palm Beach underwater photographer whose work complements the colorful expressions we gravitate to at GW Interiors. As someone who’s made creativity her lifelong career, I have an ongoing quest to uphold great classic design while also looking to the future and supporting emerging talent.