The Go-To Arizona Sourcing Group That Caters to Inspiration


gold and white wall white chair with table

“So often showrooms just display what sells when really they should inspire designers,” observes Richard Wilkinson of MADE | Materials for Designers. Such a distinction gets to the heart of MADE’s purpose: The company, which is operated by Wilkinson and his partner, Yaiza Brown, serves as a concierge to interior designers seeking luxury goods. But in sourcing distinctive furnishings, textiles and accessories, MADE also cultivates artistry in design.


What is the strangest request you’ve received? A request for a bleach-cleanable fabric for a bed. We ended up sourcing a solution-dyed acrylic fabric.

Which design element most dramatically transforms a house? Lighting. A sofa can be beautiful. Draperies can be beautiful. But lighting sets the mood.

This year’s trendiest design element? The work coming from independent fabric designers. There’s a big push right now for textiles and culturally inspired prints.

Ever sourced something for a client you wished you could keep? The Thing Stool by Konekt. It’s horsehair and brass, and almost looks like a makeup brush.