Part Design Firm, Part Showroom, This Arizona Company Is All About Creating Customized Interiors


“It’s not how you start a project,” says Karen Ippolito, co-owner of Guided Home Design. “It’s how you end it.” This philosophy is at the core of Guided Home Design, which specializes in customized interiors that feel both modern and distinctive. Ippolito and her business partner, Kristen Hancock, recently moved the firm to an office in Old Town Scottsdale where the ground floor serves as the StyleMe | GHD showroom. Drop in to pick up accessories, jewelry or inspiration. Luxe spoke with Ippolito and Hancock on design trends and more.

What would you say are the advantages to being an exclusively female company?

KH: We grew organically in this fashion. While this does not define us, we are proud to be women in business and to support other women.

KI: A lot of employees come in through the intern program at Arizona State University. It just so happens they always send us women!

What is your favorite design element to work with?

KI: The landscaping. Living in Arizona, if you miss the importance of the backyard, you miss the house.

Design trend you love?

KH: It would be a rare occasion for any of our projects not to see a wallpaper feature, wood dimensional application, floor-to-ceiling tile coverage or a leather upholstery design. Since furniture and fabric trends have become more and more neutral, layering has risen to the top as an essential feature of a space.

Which one do you wish would end?

KH: What we call “obstacle furniture”—any furnishing or feature that obstructs your view in a setting or detracts from other elements. Less is more!