Learn About This Longtime Family-Run Firm’s Design Shop In Malibu


Kaj Maloney of Habitat Home & Garden leaning on a dresser with an abstract painting behind him

A black dresser with a window-shaped mirror hanging above it and vessels resting on top in Habitat Home & Garden

Building on the success of its locations in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, Habitat Home & Garden has opened in Malibu. The longtime family-run firm, now headed by the founder’s nephew, Kaj Maloney, gives Luxe the inside scoop.

What prompted the Malibu location? It’s been a dream of ours to open in Southern California. When we stumbled upon a historic former hardware store on the Pacific Coast Highway, we took that as a sign to commit to the idea. 

Describe the shop’s ethos. Our company was founded on wanderlust. Years ago, my uncle Lars went to India and eventually began importing handmade pieces from around the world. Trends would come and go, but we stayed the course, offering rare, vintage and reclaimed pieces. Our aesthetic is grounded in earth tones and our offerings are solid in feel, with an energy to them. Due to our unique pieces, the look of each shop can change week-to-week. We’re always evolving. 

Have you seen Californians’ tastes shift in recent years? Yes. People are more intentional about what they buy. They want pieces that speak to them and are looking for companies with integrity and for products with interesting stories to tell.