A Hamptons Artisan’s Textiles Draw From The Scenery


stephanie pinerio

East End local Stephanie Pinerio, founder of Shed Textile Company, has perfected the art of handweaving from the farm to the rack. We sat down with her to discuss her new collection and how her designs reflect the Hamptons.

Why is the Hamptons an ideal place for a textile company? I have gone around the Northeast connecting with local farmers. There are quite a few working farms–people raising flocks of heritage sheep. There’s this whole storyline of picking fibers, and the individuality of the fiber, then mixing those fibers in different ways to create beautiful woven pieces of fabric.

What excites you about your new line, The Opus Collection? I wanted something different from white, clean luxury, which I’d been doing a lot of. I wanted to create something more saturated in color with gem-like and woody tones, texture and pattern. It’s a different skew of luxury.

How does this line reflect a Hamptons aesthetic? It pulls from the beauty of the landscape. The scenery here is depth and light and angles and hues. That’s a reflection of the Hamptons.