Meet The Master Woodworker Breathing New Life Into A Classic Craft


black and white portrait of woodworker Hamza Kadiri

plank, shelves and dark veining in wood credenza

Casablanca-based master woodworker Hamza Kadiri hails from a long line of makers who share a deep reverence for their materials, and he is no exception. Each piece of wood sourced for his new sculptural furniture collection was chosen for its singularity, essence and inherent beauty. Kadiri’s expertise of rare, precious varietals of wood honors natural grains and unique patterns for a one-of-a-kind result.

When did you begin working with wood? I’ll never forget the moment I entered my uncle’s workshop at the age of seven. He was one of the most respected woodworkers in the Medina of Fez. I still remember the smell, the dry air and watching each artisans’ slow movements. It was love at first sight.

Tell us about your latest collection. As an artist, I listen to the wood—sometimes for months at a stretch. The unique forms of a plank and veins in the wood give off a particular emotion. These inspire me with original ideas, although some may be a little crazy. My six new pieces—side tables, credenzas, a bench and an armoire—are a testament to this, including the Royal Ebony credenza.

What’s next? Adding exciting new lighting designs to my collection with Les Ateliers Courbet.


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