Handmade Pieces Serve As Functional Art At Antu-Made


Meet The Maker

Anna Marks

Anna Marks discovered her passion for furniture design when she couldn’t find a table for a client’s home. “So I made it,” she says matter-of-factly; thus, her boutique furniture atelier Antu-Made was born. But her handmade pieces–including the Claw Sleek table and David’s bench (shown, below), cast in bronze and finished with rich detail–belie the insouciance of her do-it-yourself spirit. “It’s like jewelry,” Marks says. “Each piece is poured by hand and cannot be made without the mastery of the artist.”

Describe your pieces. They’re like functional art. I always think of how well they’re going to work in addition to how good they are going to look.

Tell us about the process. New pieces often arrive out of necessity because I can’t find the perfect one for my client, and I strive for individuality of each piece. I come up with an idea, develop it into something tangible, explore materials and decide what is appropriate, followed by months and months of prototyping before finally completing the first finished piece.

What are you working on next? I have a very busy mind–I constantly dream of furniture. In the very near future I will launch a new collection, including a set of tables that can be used individually or together, side tables and coffee tables. I’m also excited about an interactive, leather-upholstered bench that I’m working on.