Explore The Mesmerizing Tile Collab That Will Enliven Your Interiors


Haustile x Real Fun, Wow! tiles with soft rainbow motif being uncovered in a garden bed

Green-and-cream patterned tile situated outdoors on rocky ground

Bringing Bauhaus vibes to its Nashville flagship showroom since 2021, Haustile recently released a second collaboration with Ojai, California, illustrator and Real Fun, Wow! founder Daren Thomas Magee. Company co-founders Lindsay Sheets and Kristin Ortiz originally gravitated toward Magee thanks to his “candid, genuine, sometimes sarcastic approach to life and design,” shares Sheets, who similarly bonded with Ortiz over a shared desire to break the mold.

“We are ever-evolving, always excited to push the boundaries,” she notes. Haustile harnesses a unique, cutting-edge technology that “prints” using Italian ceramic glaze. Thus, this sophomore collection of 8-by-8-inch and 12-by-12-inch porcelain tiles reproduces Magee’s latest body of work with remarkable accuracy.

Grounded in nature and vintage decorative arts influences but elevated by pure imagination, the six new motifs become ultra-versatile in neutral palettes Sheets likens to papyrus-and-graphite. Whether spanning mudroom floors or running up shower walls, they’re dynamic, durable and destined to make a statement.